Sewer Line Drainage Problems after Rain

Sewer line repair in Santa Clarita by top, area plumbersSewer line drainage problems after rain could be a sign of various issues. One of the mitigating factors is whether your home sewer system is linked to the municipal sewer system or a septic tank. Septic tanks often develop distribution field problems with time. These problems may be caused by water saturation around the septic tanks. Our Santa Clarita Plumbing Service Pros can handle sewer line drainage problems after rain. We have the knowledge and equipment that can help solve this problem once and for all so that you do not have to worry about sewer drainage problems when it rains.

Septic Tank Distribution Field

A septic tank is a huge tank that is often installed underground on a lawn. It provides storage for wastewater and sewer. However, sewer drain lines do not function well when the soil around the septic tank is soaked, for instance, after a heavy downpour. If the water in the septic tank is not drawn off, it overflows and causes drainage problems in your home.

Other Septic Tank Issues

When a septic tank cracks and its lid is displaced, groundwater can flow into the tank and flood it. To prevent this problem, consider clearing out your septic tank regularly, especially after it rains. Alternatively, replace your septic tank with a more efficient one.

Sump Pump Problems

A sump pump helps to keep crawl spaces and basements dry. Sump pumps are usually concealed in pits and are designed to detect high ground water levels. The pump automatically switches on once water rises to a certain level. This prevents water from flooding crawlspaces and basements. Some states do not allow homeowners to connect their sump pumps to municipal sewer systems. This is because when it rains the pump drains a lot of water into the sewer system leading to overflows. If your sump pump is connected to your sewer line, consider calling Santa Clarita Plumbing Service Pros to remove the sump pump drain line and plumb according to your municipal code.

Santa Clarita Plumbing Service Pros has gained a reputation for providing quality sewer line repair services to residents of Santa Clarita and surrounding counties. Call us today to help you with sewer line drainage problems.

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