Is Fixing a Running Toilet a DIY Job?

Toilet repair in Santa Clarita, CA by your neighborhood plumbing pros.A toilet that runs nonstop isn’t just an annoying occurrence. It’s wasting your money. You know you need to get it fixed, but should you make the repairs yourself or call a licensed plumber. Well, of course, we want your business but the truth is that minor toilet repairs are easy DIY jobs.

Toilets that run for an extended time after being flushed usually do so because an interior part is damaged or it isn’t installed correctly. Here are some tips for making this minor repair.

Take off the tank lid and check the chain that connects the toilet handle to the rubber disk that lets what in and out of the toilet. Many times, this chain breaks or just comes loose. If it’s broken you can find a replacement chain at your local home improvement store. If it’s just fallen off, reattach it to the arm of the toilet handle and go about your day.

You may need to replace the toilet flapper. Interior parts can start to wear after years of usage, especially if you have hard water. The flapper is a rubber disk that keeps water from flowing back into the bowl after the toilet has been flushed. If this component is damaged, head to the hardware store and get a new flapper for less than $10.

The fill valve may need replacement. Replacing the fill valve isn’t as easy as replacing a toilet handle or flapper, but it’s not so complicated you need a plumber. Make sure you read the instructions before you begin taking apart the interior parts. Of course, if you get stuck, call a plumber to help you out.

When to Call for Expert Toilet Repair Service in Garden Grove?

Some toilet leak repair needs require professional service to ensure they are done correctly. For instance, a toilet that leaks around the base probably needs the seal replace. This repair involves removing the toilet from the floor, replacing the seal, and installing the toilet tightly over the opening. So you don’t risk damaging the commode or reinstalling it incorrectly, we suggest letting a licensed plumber handle this quick repair.

Also, if you have persistent clogs or raw sewage backing up in the toilet, give us a call for 24-hour toilet repair service in Garden Grove.

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